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"We understand the potential of technology, and know how to
use it to help our clients."

The GrupoUno Miami office serves as the centralized hub for the agency network. We have offices in the following 14 countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay and Venezuela.

The locations of our offices are driven by client need. Most often, if a client has a program in a market not currently serviced by a local GrupoUno agency, the closest agency office will oversee the project. For example, our offices in Costa Rica, Panama and Guatemala manage projects in El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua. If a client has on-going needs in a market not currently serviced by GrupoUno, we will open a local office to service the business. Unlike other multinationals, the GrupoUno network functions under one P&L – “all for one and one for all”. Our offices truly work as a team, not as independent offices. For example, all of our communications efforts are developed using a ‘think tank’ made up of strategic directors from several key in-country offices to ensure that the messages work both pan-regionally and locally. Our clients get the same level of service from all of our offices. Whether they need guerrilla marketing initiatives in Sao Paulo or in Guatemala, our network delivers for each of our clients. And because our Miami office channels all the communications throughout the network and delivers pan regional focus, our clients also only have to deal with one office and one accounting system to get their business done.


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